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Imagine you only have 24 hours to visit Quito. Come with us and learn what to do in the best-preserved historic center in South America.

What to visit in 24 hours? Basilica of the National Vow

Quito, colonial city, cultural and historical city and political capital of Ecuador is one of the most relevant visits in your tour to Ecuador. But what about if you only have 24 hours to visit it?

With a 360 ° view of the city, from the highest point of its towers, the Basilica of the National Vow is the door to the Historic Center of Quito. In it rest the remains of two of the most important residents of the country, guarded against above by our representative fauna (such as the condor, the turtle or the iguana). This church, known as the second-highest religious structure in the Americas, remains unfinished, as its legend tells us that if its construction were finished, the world would end. 24 HOURS TO KNOW QUITO

Camilo Egas’ Museum

This museum contains the works of one of the most enigmatic artists of Ecuador. Camilo Egas represented in his painting a realistic and beautiful version of the indigenous world. By 1939, when he reached fame outside of Ecuador, taking his works to the New York World’s Fair, his voice of social protest condemned his work to the disappearance. It is a mystery the whereabouts of his last mural, so much so that artists and writers are still investigating a possible response today. 24 HOURS TO KNOW QUITO

Independence Square

The political and historical center of the country, from where the history of the heroes of independence has been erected to where bad governments have been overthrown. Inside the Plaza de la Independencia is the presidential palace, which has a museum open to the public. This museum has original furniture and objects over 400 years old, all of them belonging to different presidents of Ecuador. 24 HOURS TO KNOW QUITO

Compañía’s Church

The Church of the Company is one of the peak works of Latin American baroque. Its interior, covered with gold and multiple religious figures, is the faithful description of “horror vacui” (horror to emptiness). This church is characterized by coining different styles of art (such as the Renaissance, Mudejar or neoclassical), thanks to its construction took about 160 years. In April of each year, the parishioners of this church walk the streets of the Historic Center carrying on their shoulders the picture of the Sorrowful Virgin, which many tell one day she cried.

Santo Domingo’s Church

The Church of Santo Domingo is considered by many to be an important pillar of contemporary art in Ecuador, with representative chapels of Quito’s Baroque from the 17th century. In its museum, you can find the vast influence of the Dominican community on culture, art and education.

La Ronda street

La Ronda Street was the meeting point of the bohemian society of the 19th century. This street, which today houses artisans, cultural centers, chocolate shops, boutiques and factories of traditional games, one day had the greatest poets, singers and painters of Ecuador.

City Museum

This museum is defined as one of the most important spaces of non-formal education, the City Museum allows to know the history and culture of colonial Quito, through immersive and meaningful experiences for its assistants.

San Francisco’s Church

The Church of San Francisco houses colonial works and furniture inside. Its museum is located next to the main entrance of the Church, being this one of the best-known squares of the convents of Quito for its mysterious legend. The legend of Cantuña is the story of an indigenous Quito who mocked the devil with his ingenuity. The construction of the square and the church, today, we owe it to this legend.


The experience of knowing Quito from above is in the Cable Car. Located in Cruz Loma, this tourist attraction of the city is one of the highest in the world, rising from 3117 meters to 3945 meters. Not only the steep route of more than 2 kilometers is what you have to offer this place, but also the hike, hiking and climbing to the Rucu Pichincha volcano.

Middle of the World

The 0 ° 0′ 0 ” point of the world awaits its visitors, located north of the capital. The city Mitad del Mundo highlights the exact location of the equator, which toured the French geodesic mission in the 18th century, with Humboldt at the helm. In this replica of the ancient and colonial city, 19 tourist attractions await (such as the museum of the virgins, the planetarium or the equatorial monument, which has more than 9 levels of history and science).

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