5 places for family camping in Ecuador
Ecuador Camping

5 places for family camping in Ecuador

Ecuador Camping-travel to Ecuador

It is true that almost any place in Ecuador is good for camping; but there are destinations equipped for this purpose and they are perfect for adventure tourism and at the same time they give you the opportunity to sleep under the stars, to vacation lulled by the sounds of nature or to wake up to witness the sunrise on the beach with your family


5. Pululahua Geobotanical Reserve

It is located 17 kilometers north of the city of Quito, near the Middle of the World. The Reserve is pear-shaped and is one of the few inhabited craters in it. You can do various outdoor activities such as horseback riding, cycling, hiking, trekking, and bird watching; remember that there are specialized companies that provide these services.

For lovers of camping, there is an appropriate place and the spectacular natural landscape, worthy of a postcard where at night you can enjoy the heat sitting around a fire and in the company of friends or family. The Pululahua is an inactive volcano composed of three domes: Pondoña, Chivo, and Pan de Azúcar, these are the product of the volcanic lava that inflated the earth in such a way that it ended up forming these elevations, also around there are other emblematic mountains such as the hills La Marca.

When you visit it you will find plant species such as bromeliads, ferns, orchids; squirrels and sparrows that also live in the place. Its climate is moderately cold in the higher parts, to the northwest it is temperate and subtropical, with temperatures that vary between 13 and 15°C.

4. El Boliche National Recreation Area

This is another one of those campsites you’ll love. El Boliche, located between the border of the provinces of Pichincha and Cotopaxi is part of the 56 protected areas of the country.
The National Recreation Area, has an extension of 392 hectares and has several tourist facilities such as camping and picnic areas, with specific spaces to make fires; children’s play area; lodging cabins; a private restaurant; two self-guided trails. All this is only one hour away from Quito.

Next to this area is the “El Boliche” station of the Ecuadorian Railway Company, whose adventure begins at the Eloy Alfaro station in Chimbacalle, passing through a part of the “Avenue of the Volcanoes”. Pichincha, Atacazo, Pasochoa, La Viudita, Rumiñahui accompany the train on its route.

For those who use the train, they have the opportunity to camp in the recreation area and the next day after touring the attractions that this protected area offers and take the train back to Quito at no additional cost.

3. Quilotoa Lagoon

This is a great place to camp in Ecuador, specifically in the province of Cotopaxi, you will be amazed by the color of its turquoise-emerald waters that bring the landscape to life with hues that will enchant anyone. The Quilotoa Lagoon is located inside the crater of the volcano of the same name and has a diameter of almost 3 kilometers. From its edge, you can admire the imposing whiteness of the Cotopaxi volcano and the snowy Illinizas.

You can camp on its shore in the midst of the cold weather while watching the sunset reflected in its water mirror. Without a doubt, the calm and mystery of the place make it one of the best destinations to capture spectacular photographs.

For lovers of hiking and trekking, there is approximately 12 km of trails around the lagoon to enjoy the colors of the water mirror in all its perspectives.

The descent from the edge of the crater to the lagoon and vice versa is made along a path, whose main section is sandy. That is why it is recommended to wear hiking shoes. It is also necessary to take warm clothes, because of the height, and liquids if you are going to make the ascent on foot.

Ecuador Camping-travel to Ecuador


Quilotoa Lagoon

2. El Altar Volcano – Collanes Valley

If we advance a little bit more towards the center of Ecuador, in the Eastern Cordillera of the Andes, about 20 kilometers east of Riobamba, province of Chimborazo, we find the famous Collanes Valley, which has an extension of 40 hectares reaching the slopes of the snowy El Altar, which is part of the Sangay National Park, one of the largest in the country.

Mountain specialists say that El Altar is the most beautiful volcanic chain in Ecuador and the farthest away from human beings. The complexity and the hard hours of walking make it an especially unique place.

Can you imagine camping in this valley, whose natural scenery is of great beauty, because you can see an extinct volcano with a caldera in the background, set in several horseshoe-shaped peaks? In its crater is the Laguna Amarilla, protected by a spectacular frozen mantle of hanging glaciers.

It is a biodiverse place because the valley has microclimates. The visits are ideal for camping, hiking, trekking, mountaineering, among other adventure sports and outdoor activities. We recommend that you use rubber boots for walking due to the humidity of the soil along the way.

1. Cajas National Park

Can you imagine camping where there are just over 786 water mirrors? Where the most representative of the park, such as the Toreadora and Llaviucu, will be within your reach. Actually there are several national parks located in Ecuador where you can do it; enjoy the energy that nature gives you.

Cajas National Park is an ideal place to get away from the noise, open your senses to nature and meditate under a magnificent sunset. It is located in the northwest of Cuenca and its area includes 29,000 hectares of Andean moorland.

From Cuenca, it takes about 40 minutes to reach the Toreadora Lagoon. There is a trail that goes around the site, which takes about an hour to walk. Along the way, there are two small cabins that only serve as a place to rest and shelter from the rain, which is quite regular in the area.

The natural beauty of Cajas National Park allows you to enjoy a number of outdoor activities.

Camping Recommendations

When you go camping you should consider several points. The first thing is the list of things you should take with you, such as making a fire and its care, the tent, food handling, care of the camping area, etc.

Pack a powerful flashlight, extra batteries, a utility knife, matches or lighters (in a plastic bag so they are always dry) and cures for possible blisters. Include a first aid kit containing packages of clean antiseptic wipes, sterile gauze, tape and bandages.

It is best to set up a tent in open areas where there is no vegetation or watercourse. Make fires only in permitted spaces, watch them constantly and use only wood or branches from the ground, to avoid cutting them.

Walk along paths in single file, so as not to widen the gaps, and try not to disturb the animals. Collect all organic waste. You must deposit the garbage in containers or load it until you find a collection container.

Traveling to these secret corners of Ecuador is the best option to escape from monotony, to connect with yourself and feed your body with good energy. And, remember, the fundamental thing about undertaking a journey is that you will never be the same when you return from it.

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