Enjoy Carnival in Ecuador: 5 thrilling things to do
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Enjoy Carnival in Ecuador: 5 thrilling things to do

Carnival is a festivity celebrated all around the world. The most important is Rio de Janeiro’s Carnival or Venice Carnival. In Ecuador, you have this festivity as well. Know with us what to do in Ecuador during Carnival.

Carnival in Ecuador is a major national holiday and like none other in Latin America. It celebrates excess and abundance before Catholic Lent introduces sobriety and prudence. Carnival in Ecuador also honors the indigenous Kichwa holiday of Paucar Huatay – the end of the solar year

5.  Riobamba’s Carnival-Pawkar Raymi

Riobamba joins the celebration of Carnival 10 years ago in all the Ecuador. This city makes the festivity a claim of Ecuadorian roots, taking the moment to celebrate Pawkar Raymi. For the Andean indigenous Pawkar Raymi is the time of the year to thank Mother Earth for crops and fertility of the land. This festivity includes popular dancing, parades, and parties, all for free. 

Carnival in Riobamba

4. Cotopaxi Tour

Cotopaxi offers you a first-class tourist offer. If you want adventure Quilotoa Lagoon, the Cotopaxi National Park, “El Boliche” recreational area or the Ilinizas Reserve are the best options to go visit. These places offer you the experience to know the home of the world’s highest active volcanoes, explore three kilometers-wide turquoise volcanic crater lake, see explosive waterfalls and hot thermal springs that would your best option.

Quilotoa Lagoon

3. Quito with its extensive cultural agenda

 During these carnival days, neighborhoods and parishes of Quito will become the scenario for free artistic events. The Historic Center of the city is the main point for concerts, parades, and traditional gastronomic fairs. That is why you could visit the Historic Center, their beautiful churches, and enjoy the vast cuisine and gastronomy of the Ecuadorians’ capital. Quito is always ready for you to know it, explore it and get in love with it. 

Parade in Quito

2. Ambato

In Ambato, for this popular festival, the celebration is special. People don’t use water or flour or eggs to celebrate Carnival, but flowers and a lot of dancing. Ambateños (how is called people from Ambato) remember the earthquake of 1949 and honor their inhabitants who lived the catastrophe. Ambato has been celebrating the Festival of Flowers and Fruits for 66 years, full of memory and tradition, becoming one of the best celebrations of the year in the country, which every year more than 30 thousand people attend.

Two and a half hours from Quito all of these activities are waiting for you to celebrate the festival of flowers and fruits: parades, night walks, floral exhibitions, artistic, cultural events, artisanal, agricultural fairs and bullfighting fair.

Carnival in Ambato

1. Guaranda  

Guaranda Carnival is the most important festivity in February. This celebration is characterized by the traditional events that take place throughout the city such as the election of the queen, the Taita Carnival, the proclamation and its parades.

Located 4 hours from Quito the city of Guaranda is the most popular destination in Ecuador to live the Carnival celebration. Dance, music, and parades mix with water, flour, eggs, and all the happiness of the people.

This celebration has a historical tradition that recalls the Huaranga Indigenous, who celebrated their chief for three days on the second full moon of the year. As now, their parties included singing, dancing, lots of food and drink.

Carnival in Guaranda

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