Camilo Egas’ Museum
Camilo Egas' Museum - destination Ecuador - culture

Camilo Egas’ Museum

Camilo Egas’ Museum is like home. In this little but beautiful place, you will learn about one of the greatest artists in Ecuador.

The Camilo Egas’ Museum contains the works of one of the most enigmatic artists of Ecuador. Camilo Egas represented in his painting a realistic and beautiful version of the indigenous world. By 1939, when he reached fame outside of Ecuador, taking his works to the New York World’s Fair, his voice of social protest condemned his work to the disappearance. It is a mystery the whereabouts of his last mural, so much so that artists and writers are still investigating a possible response today.

This museum located in the Historic Center of Quito aims to preserve, promote and disseminate the valuable legacy of modern artist Camilo Egas. The colonial house that houses the museum was built approximately in the 18th century and began to function as a museum in the 80s. The permanent exhibition covers several stages of the artistic production of Egas, among which different periods, techniques and themes stand out. The legacy of this artist, known for being one of the precursors of “indigenismo” (a way to express, from the voice of a person who is not indigenous, their problems), in Ecuador is brought to the present through permanent educational spaces with the community.

Camilo Egas' Museum

Location: Camilo Egas’ Museum is located in Venezuela and Esmeraldas street.

Time schedule: 9 AM to 17 PM (Monday to Friday) – 10 AM to 16:00 PM (Saturdays) – Sunday Closed

Tickets: Free.


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