Symphony of lightening in the city of Quito – Ecuador
Cultural activities in Quito - light festival

Symphony of lightening in the city of Quito – Ecuador

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Symphony of lightening in the city of Quito – Ecuador

-You are invited!

For the first time, the Municipality of Quito, organizes the “Sinfonia de luces navideñas” (Christmas lightning) to delight all visitors to the city.

-Don’t miss it!

A giant manger is placed near the “Panecillo”, the so called virgin of Quito together with 8 mechanical structures. More than 19,000 light bulbs and 1,400 meters of LED cables were used to raise this traditional 35-meter manger. As you might know is this the main observation point of the city. The base of the monument measures eleven meters and thirty meters the image of the Holy Virgin, is considered the largest in Ecuador built in aluminum and is composed of more than 7400 pieces.

But that’s not all, the Municipality of Quito wants the whole city lightened for Christmas. You should also visit the giant Christmas tree that was installed on the San Francisco square. It has four light bulbs of six, five and four meters high, so that people can take pictures. Each one of those pieces can hold six or seven people.

In the three blocks of Bolivar Street, which lead to San Francisco Square, garlands were placed with gifts, canes and other decorations.

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Not convinced yet?

Well, what do you think, if we give a brief tour to open your imagination, and to let you discover the beautiful historical center?

-Let’s go!

Leaving  our hotel Old Town Quito Suites on the street José Antepara, we turn right to find the San Blas Square where a shining structure of 4.20 meters high by 20 meters long has been placed to receive the next decade. Yes, it’s what you are thinking.   It shows “Quito 2020”.

From here we continue the street “Guayaquil” direction Santo Domingo Square. 70 garlands hang with various motifs: stars, angels with musical notes and figures from the manger will accompany us through this walk. They are six meters long by one meter wide, and are placed every six meters.

In the plaza of the Theater there are two huge angels hanging from the poles, while in Santo Domingo there will be an interactive installation called the candy wheel, that is, spirals with lights. There will also be a four to five meter manger. In the three blocks of Sucre Street there will be some magic rings; it will be an “intelligent installation” because the pedestrians passing by will be able to control the colors with their cell phones.

On the other hand, in the Santa Clara Square eight dandelions were placed, between four and six meters high; it is a structural light installation that changes its color. In Venezuela Street, in front of the Municipality, you will see some flat light bulbs and a light installation called wind totems. They are figures that fly inside some snowflakes.

On Espejo Street, between the Plaza Grande and Plaza Chica, the trunks of about 50 trees will be illuminated. And some lamps will be lit in a section of the García Moreno.

As part of the ‘Symphony of Light’ event, artists such as Margarita Lasso, the Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra, Christmas choirs, the Jacchigua Ballet and the Municipal Band will perform.

The enormous light sculptures and spaces decorated with Christmas motifs were also installed in other parts of northern Quito. For example, the Magic Forest is located in the sector of the Circasiana (August 10th and Columbus), where 10 trees of seven meters high will be lit. There are also 80 reindeer. At the United Nations, 48 umbrellas and 54 moons will be illuminated to give life to the installation called Lunarte. More technology of this type will be at the Churo in La Alameda. All its railings will be illuminated and lit in sequence; and at the top of the structure a three-meter star will shine. It’s called the Enchanted Churo. Another giant tree will be lit today, at 5:00 p.m., in the Plaza de la República (in front of the Provincial Council). The government of the province has organized a free concert of Pichincha Luces de Esperanza carols.

-A little bit crazy. Isn’t it?

And if you are wondering about the times to visit the attractions, we recommend to go out to appreciate them at night around 8:00 p.m.

But if you decide to go a little earlier, Quito starts its illumination from 6:00 p.m. to 11:55 p.m.

We look forward to seeing you and remember that Quito will always welcome you with his best face. Remember that Quito has as nickname “the little face of God”

Stay at “Old Town Quito Suites” to assure a pleasant stay and to have easy access to the wonders of Quito.

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Dirk Quito

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