The winged garden
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The winged garden

The winged garden is a Wildlife Rescue Center that prioritizes the existence of natural and recreational spaces for family and human recreation

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What is Winged Garden?

Under a different conception than common zoos, the winged garden does not exhibit caged animals. Birds of prey and psittacids are found flying freely.

Its main task is to rehabilitate wildlife for release (307 birds released so far), invest in projects for their conservation and carry out environmental awareness and education activities for all audiences.

The “Winged Garden” is implemented on an area of one hectare. This space creates the ideal environment to invite you to meet nature again. It promotes recycling and healthy eating and, in addition to the playful exhibition of the flight of birds of prey, offers the possibility of visiting a butterfly farm and children’s games to enjoy them barefoot.

This initiative was implemented by Faunaetus and the Accipiter Association, private entities that work intensively to promote knowledge and conservation of the birds of prey present in the country.

The two organizations have released 202 rescued birds and are currently caring for 31 individuals considered to be unrecoverable, i.e. birds that are no longer able to re-enter the wild due to various physical and psychological traumas.

With these specimens, the exhibition is developed, where visitors can watch closely and learn, without the barrier that means a cage, how a bird develops during its free state. This exhibition lasts approximately 40 minutes.

Wing garden-vacation Ecuador for families

Many details that the trainers of the birds of prey will be reporting on owls, owls, curiquingues, quilicos, sparrow hawks and even the imposing and majestic king chicken that will fly and move among the attendees, arousing emotions and a feeling of empathy with a group of our vulnerable fauna and still subject to suffer many aggressions, which by ignorance humans produce them.

The flight demonstration is done with birds of prey, all of which have been victims of wildlife trafficking, illegal possession, mistreatment or accidents that have left them unable to survive on their own.


  • Raptors in Flight” exhibition
    Duration: 50 minutes
  • Photo with Birds of Prey
  • Parrot and Macaw Exhibition
  • Duration: 30 minutes
  • The Farm (rabbits and chickens)
  • Hammocks and children’s games
  • The Garden Café
  • Restaurant “Parrilladas al peso”
  • The “Harpy Eagle” viewpoint.
  • LA MINGA” Store
  • Sustainable fashion

Winged Garden recommendations

If you want to have a pleasant visit you should make sure you bring the following with you:

Location:   Carchi Street & Esmeraldas Street. Tumbaco – Quito – Ecuador
Phone number:  0985539047 / 022373818
 Schedule: Thursday to Sunday AND HOLIDAYS
From 9 AM to 17:00 pm

Winged garden-vacation Ecuador for families

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